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Holly Suite Opens

Date: 12 May 2014 01:25

Merseyside’s specialist heart and chest hospital has officially opened its innovative new ward for patients undergoing a day case procedure.

It comes as part of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital’s £3m development, which confirms the Trust at the forefront of delivering day case cardiovascular care.

Councillor Gary Millar, the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, was delighted to formally open the new facility at the event on Monday 12th May.

The new ward, Holly Suite, has been built based upon the success of the ‘lounge area’ in the previous day ward, where patients had enjoyed a relaxed care environment since 2009.

The Trust is now able to offer these facilities and an enhanced experience to all cardiac and thoracic patients who come to the hospital for a day case procedure.

Jane Tomkinson, Chief Executive at the Trust, said: “As the national leader in day case cardiovascular intervention, performing more than 80% of all percutaneous coronary intervention as day cases. This innovative new facility represents a genuine revolution in a patient and family centred approach to cardiothoracic care.

“I am delighted that we continue to be able to invest in specialist services and facilities so that we are able to provide our patients and their families with the very highest standards of care.”

The design of Holly Suite reflects the ideas of consultants, nurses, infection control staff, architects, as well as patients and families who were heavily involved throughout the project.

Linda Chedotal, Ward Manager, said: “The development of Holly Suite, which builds on the lounge concept that we pioneered in our previous day ward five years ago, has enabled us to move from the traditional approach where patients are nil by mouth, restricted to a single bed space, sat in a hospital gown, and are taken to their procedure in a bed or chair.

“Our new ‘lounge approach’ means that patients can relax in a calm, quiet and comfortable environment, wearing their own clothes and with no restriction to their mobility. They also have access to the internet, television and kitchen facilities, as well as massage chairs, recliners and a new relaxation zone.”

Linda added: “Inevitably, some of our procedures cannot be performed in a patient’s own clothing. So we created a distinct lounge area for this group of patients, where they are still able to enjoy the freedom and facilities that are central to our philosophy, whilst wearing a specially designed ‘lounge suit’.

“This ‘lounge suit’ has been designed to maintain the privacy and dignity of patients at all times, whilst ensuring that clinical staff are able to undertake the various procedures as effectively and discreetly as possible.”