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Dietitians Week

Date: 09 June 2014 01:06
Dietitians at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital are joining with healthcare colleagues around the country to raise awareness of their profession as part of a national campaign.

From 9-13 June they will be celebrating the world's first Dietitians Week led by the British Dietetic Association (BDA).

The week, which aims to profile the work and value of dietitians, was established as part of the BDA's 'Trust a Dietitian' campaign to highlight the profession and impact of dietetic practice on the health of the nation.

As well as information stands throughout the week, one of the Trust's dietitians will be available in the hospital main entrance on Wednesday 11th June from 11am-3pm.

They will be available to:

  • discuss any nutritional concerns 
  • calculate BMI 
  • test your knowledge of sugar in drinks 
  • look at what 1-5lbs of fat looks like.

For further information, please visit www.bda.uk.com