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Dr Mike Fisher

Date: 01 January 2019 09:46

Personal Assistant Contact

0151 600 1616

Area of Practice

General and Interventional Cardiology

Special Clinical Interests

Coronary physiology, microvascular angina, refractory angina, coronary spasm

Research Interests

Coronary physiology, clinical informatics

Regional and National Responsibilities

Chief Clinical Information Officer for the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Cardiology lead for the national Alkaptonuria Centre, Head of Innovation for the Royal Liverpool Global Digital Exemplar programme, Regional curriculum and delivery representative for the North West Clinical Informatics Flexible Portfolio Training programme, Regional representative on the national Child Protection Information Sharing programme steering board.

Current Membership of Professional Regional and National Bodies:

FRCP (UK), Founding fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics, UKCHip

Languages Spoken

English. Can read French and German

Education & Training

Dr. Michael Fisher qualified in 1988, having studied medicine at St. Andrews in Scotland and at Manchester Universities and then undertook initial training around Manchester gaining a Cardiology registrar rotation in 1992.

About Mike

He moved to Cardiff in 1995 to undertake research on the role of nitric oxide in the vascular response to injury, culminating in the award of a PhD in 2001. He was then appointed consultant cardiologist with a interest in coronary intervention in 2002, where he has been since.

Publications (last 5 years only)

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