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Dr Joel Giblett

Date: 09 March 2021 02:24

Personal Assistant


Dr Joel Giblett,  Consultant Cardiologist

Responsibilities at LHCH

Consultant Cardiologist with a special interest in Interventional Cardiology


Area of Practice       

Interventional Cardiology


Special Clinical Interests

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Refractory Angina


Research Interests

Cardioprotection in ischaemic heart disease, particularly through manipulation of metabolic targets. My research has particularly focused on the impact of glucagon-like peptide 1 on ventricular and coronary physiology during ischaemia.

I am currently involved in outcomes research for structural intervention in adult cardiac disease.

I am on the Editorial Board of JACC: Case Reports and BMC Cardiovascular Disorders


Current Membership of Professional Regional and National Bodies  

British Cardiovascular Society (BCS)

British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS)

Royal College of Physicians of London


Languages Spoken   



Why choose LHCH?             

It is a well-respected national centre of excellence, with friendly staff providing great care for patients


Training and Education

I attend the University of Southampton medical school, obtaining first class honours in Biomedical Science (BSc), and graduating with a BM in 2007. I undertook Foundation Training and Core Medical Training in Wessex deanery, primarily at Poole and Royal Bournemouth Hospital, before transfering to Cambridge for Cardiology registrar training.

I was awarded a research fellowship at Royal Papworth Hospital and the University of Cambridge, investigating the role of the hormone GLP-1 in protecting the heart during heart attacks. I graduated with an MD in 2017 and completed my cardiology training in the East of England region.


I was awarded a BCIS International Fellowship and travelled to Royal Jubilee Hospital in British Columbia, Canada, for further training in PCI and TAVI. I returned to the UK and briefly undertook a locum consultant post at Royal Papworth Hospital prior to taking up my substantive position at LHCH.


About you

I’m married with two small girls. I’m a long-suffering Arsenal fan, but will happily talk about or watch virtually any sport.



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