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Board of Directors Meetings 2023

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Board of Directors meetings are normally held in public onsite.  However, as part of our robust plans to keep our staff and public safe, we will be also holding our Board meetings via video conferencing until further notice.  The Trust remains committed to conducting our business in an open and transparent way and therefore, members of the public are now able to attend virtually to observe the meeting. 


Tuesday 7th February, 9.30am

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Wednesday 29th March, 9am 

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Wednesday 26th April, 9.30am

Wednesday 31st May, 9.30am

Wednesday 26th July, 9.30am

Wednesday 27th September, 9.30am

Wednesday 29th November, 9.30am


If you would like to attend any of the above meetings please contact the Corporate Governance Lead by emailing Nusaiba.Hannan@lhch.nhs.uk or by calling 0151 600 1249.  You will receive a Microsoft Teams link to attend the meeting.  Please note, members of the public are invited to observe only and the Chair will not be taking questions during the meeting.  However, any comments or feedback can be directed to the Director of Risk and Improvement at the end of the meeting by emailing exec.office@lhch.nhs.uk.  Recording or taking images from the meeting is strictly prohibited.


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