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Information Governance

As a healthcare organisation Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is entrusted with sensitive personal information about our patients which we need to ensure is appropriately managed.

More broadly we handle large amounts of corporate information about the overall performance of the Trust. It is critical that, as a modern organisation we manage our information in an appropriate way and in compliance with the law.

This field is called Information Governance and contains the set of standards that all NHS organisations must follow to make sure that information is managed effectively and confidentially.  

Two of the main areas of information governance are covered in this section:

  • Data protection and confidentiality
    • Provides information on how the Trust complies with data protection legislation; maintains patient confidentiality and how to access health records & personal information held by the Trust.
  • Freedom of Information
    • Provides information on the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the information routinely published by the Trust and how to request access to corporate information.


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