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Equality, Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging

The Trust is pleased to launch its refreshed Equality and Inclusion Strategy which sets out our commitment to taking equality, diversity and human rights into account in everything we do.

The aim of this work is to help us develop and improve our approaches to promoting equality, managing diversity and ensuring that we are effective and efficient in taking a human rights based approach to our work as a health care provider and an employer.

The Trust takes our legal, ethical and moral duties and obligations around equality, inclusion and human rights seriously and the strategy has been aligned with The NHS Public Sector Duty and the requirements set out within the Workforce Race Equality Standard. 

The strategy is supported by an implementation plan which will help to enable the organisation to achieve its vision ‘to be the best cardiothoracic integrated healthcare organisation’ by helping our Trust to:

  • Ensure the Trust meets its legal and moral obligations as a public sector employer and provider of healthcare services
  • Set some clear priorities and goals for performance and practice improvement
  • Clearly articulate how our values promote the principles of equality, diversity, fairness, respect and inclusion
  • More clearly demonstrate and evidence our commitment to effective and efficient practice to a variety of audiences.
  • Put the involvement and inclusion of our patients, their families, our staff, volunteers and the wider communities in which we work within at the heart of all that we do and all that we achieve

We have engaged staff and patient representatives to ensure that the strategy reflects what is important to staff and patients and in response, we have developed high level aims and categorised the activity planned under four clear outcomes which is aligned with the refreshed Equality Delivery System (EDS2)  Outcomes:

  • Better Health Outcomes
  • Improved Patient Access
  • Empowered Engagement & Well Supported Staff
  • Inclusive Leadership

Acknowledging the risks to achieving our aims, this strategy sets out our priority objectives and high level outcomes over the next three years under each outcome, focusing on ensuring that our people, systems, process, and services add value and are shared with staff, in a way that is accessible to them.

Equality and Inclusion Leads

Rachael McDonald

HR Business Partner, Lead for Equality & Inclusion (Workforce)


Joanne Shaw

Patient & Family Experience and Safeguarding Lead