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Ruth Rogers - Merseyside Constituency

I am passionate about the NHS and as a Governor would like to make sure that people continue to have a voice in the development and delivery of the LHCH services they use and care about. I moved to the Wirral in 2015 when I retired as both the Chief Executive of a charity providing social independence programmes for people with disabilities or disadvantage, and the first chair of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire.  Like many people, my family has been affected by cardiac problems and I want to ensure local people continue to get the best possible care.”

Date joined the Council of Governors 

25th September 2017

Term of Office End Date

Conclusion of the Annual Members Meeting 2020 

About Ruth

Ruth holds a strong track record of ensuring effective patient and public involvement in planning and delivering services, including the NHS, as chair of Healthwatch and previously as the chair of a Primary Care Trust and Cambridgeshire Police Authority, in both roles she was the lead for public engagement and vulnerable people and has experience of holding the most senior people in the local public sector to account. She is also used to strategic planning and making sure aims are delivered. Ruth also brings local links to the experience of older people as a trustee of Age UK Wirral.