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Denis McAllister - Cheshire Constituency

Date Joined the Council of Governors

February 2022

End Date of Current Term

September 2024

About Denis

“My main career was initially as a teacher (maths and sciences) and later I had my own IT and Web business.  My relationship with LHCH began in November 2012, when I was transported there in an ambulance.  An emergency bypass was needed and in subsequent days I became aware of the nature and quality of the institution that had taken care of me.  I now tell people that we are “joined at the hip”.  As soon as I was able, I became a ward volunteer.  In early 2022 I joined the Council of Governors and aim to help maintain our high standards and our outstanding rating from CQC.”

How to contact Denis  

All of our Governors can be contacted via our Membership Office on 0151 600 1410 or by emailing: