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Wearing Face Masks at LHCH

All staff and visitors to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital must continue to wear a face mask as part of measures to combat coronavirus.

LHCH has also already introduced a number of measures to tackle nosocomial (in-hospital) transmission of COVID-19 and to minimise the impact of Test and Trace arrangements on our workforce.

The Government issued guidance on their recommendations for face masks to be worn in hospitals which you can read in full here  

Arriving at LHCH

  • On arrival at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, there will be stations located at entrances to the hospital where staff should sanitise their hands, and put on a face mask provided.
  • Bins will also be provided at these entrance/exit locations for disposing of face masks when leaving the site.
  • Please ensure that you enter the hospital via the LHCH Main Entrance on West Road. 

All visitors to LHCH

  • All visitors to LHCH will be expected to wear a face mask or face covering on the hospital site - in all corridors and public areas of the hospital.
  • All visitors must ensure that they put on the face masks provided at stations located at entrances to the hospital.

All Staff

  • All LHCH staff will be issued with face masks to wear - Please take a moment to review these short videos on how to put on and dispose of a face mask
  • Staff in all clinical areas will continue to wear surgical masks.
  • Staff must wear a surgical mask during huddles, handovers and in any situation where a 2 metre social distancing cannot be applied. This continues to include patient contact of less than 2 metres.
  • Non-clinical staff must also wear face masks in all parts of the hospital that are not considered “COVID-secure” – this includes all corridors and public areas.
  • Type II masks must be worn at all times in the indoor public areas of our buildings. This includes any non-clinical area on the hospital site/community buildings and corridors, public staircases and restaurant facilities.


Thank you for your help and support in keeping LHCH safe for all our patients, visitors and staff.