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Covid Vaccine FAQs

Please take a few minutes to read the frequently asked questions and answers below: 


1. Am I eligible?

  • At present, we are vacinating people in JCVI cohorts 1-9. 
  • The national programme will expand rapidly, so that everyone over the age of 50 and the clinically extremely vulnerable will be offered a vaccination by the end of April, and everyone between 16 and 49 by the autumn
  • NB This is a health/social care staff and specific-patient service only. There are no public vaccinations at this centre. Staff Photo ID or patient details will be checked prior to entry. Please do not book if you are not eligible as you will be turned away and will have wasted your journey and an appointment for an eligible person.

2. How do I book?

  • If you are eligible, please book online: https://liverpoolheartchest.nhsbookings.com/v2/  NB you will need a valid photo ID from a recognised health/social care organisation to gain access to the vaccination centre. Please note your second appointment will be at the same time/day, 12 weeks after your first appointment. Please consider your availability for both dates before booking.

3. I didn’t receive a booking confirmation but I have a reference number.

  • You may have entered your email wrongly. Please attend at your appointment time and we will find you on the system.

4. Where is the screening/consent form or patient information leaflets?

5. I can’t print the form/I’m working from home/my dog ate it/etc

  • Please help us to help you. We are providing an outstanding vaccination service as quickly as we can to hundreds of people every day. All we ask you to do is print the consent form, fill it out and bring it with you.

6. Which vaccine do you administer

  • Currently we are administering the Oxford AZ vaccine.

7. When will I get my second dose?

  • 12 weeks after your first dose. There are no exceptions to this, even if you’ve had your first dose already. Please don’t ask, as we will politely decline.

8. I haven’t received the confirmation email for my second appointment

  • It will arrive in the days before your appointment as a reminder.

9. I have tested positive for Covid19 – how long before I can have the vaccine?

  • You should leave 28 days between your first positive test and having the vaccine

10. How do I find my NHS Number?

  • On any NHS correspondence to you (letters, prescriptions, appointment, test results, etc. Your GP can tell you, but please try to find it yourself so as not to burden them.

11. I can’t book – my NHS number is not recognised or I don’t have one as I am new to the UK

  • Please email vaccine@lhch.nhs.uk and we will manually book you. If you have already emailed, please don’t do it again. We will pick up your first request.

12. How do I cancel my appointment?

  • First, please click the link at the bottom of your booking email. If you can’t do this, please email vaccine@lhch.nhs.uk

13. How do I reschedule my first appointment?

  • First, please click the link at the bottom of your booking email. If you can’t do this, please email vaccine@lhch.nhs.uk

14. How do I reschedule my second appointment?

  • We have to plan our capacity very carefully to enaure we can meet all the second dose requirements for you and other people without risk of wasting any vaccine. Please do not ask to reschedule your second appointment unless it is absolutely unavoidable. We asked you to consider your availability for your second appointment before booking your first appointment, and we confirmed your second appointment with you in person before you left the vaccine centre. Annual leave is not a reasonable reason for rescheduling something as important as a vaccination. If you are absolutely unable to attend the second date you have previously confirmed, please email vaccine@lhch.nhs.uk telling us why and we will do our best to assist if we can.

15. I have a clinical query about my particular situation