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Clinical Trials Unit

The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) at Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust was established in 2005 to address important clinical questions in cardiovascular and chest medicine.

The trials unit was set up as a dedicated academic and applied health research centre with a primary responsibility of designing, implementing and reporting of single-centre and multi-centre clinical trials.

Our CTU has collaborative links with investigators at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moore’s University. Other external collaborators include the Clinical Trials and Evaluation Unit at the Royal Brompton, London.

The trials unit also hosts several industry-sponsored trials and has attracted many such collaborations in the past two years. 

Our Team


Gill Hamblin – Head of Research and Innovation

Email: Gillian.Hamblin@lhch.nhs.uk

Dr Bashir Matata - Head of Clinical Trials Unit and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Email: Bashir.Matata@lhch.nhs.uk 

Janet Deane – Clinical Audit and Effectiveness Manager

Email: Janet.Deane@lhch.nhs.uk

Dave Walker - Research, Audit and Effectiveness Officer (for Cardiac Surgery)

Email: Dave.Walker@lhch.nhs.uk

Colette McGee - Research, Audit and Effectiveness Officer (for Pacing and Electrophysiology)

Email: Colette.McGee@lhch.nhs.uk

Andy Beaumont – Research, Audit and effectiveness Officer (Cardiology)

Email: Andy.Beaumont@lhch.nhs.uk

Paul Arnold – Research, Audit and Effectiveness Officer (Primary PCI, Congenital and Heart Failure)

Email: Paul.Arnold@lhch.nhs.uk           

Damian Cullen – Cardiac MDT Co-ordinator

Email: Damian.Cullen@lhch.nhs.uk                                                

Kelly Banks – Departmental Support and Personal Assistant to Head of Research & Innovation

Email: Kelly.Banks@lhch.nhs.uk


Matthew Shaw – Senior Clinical Information Analyst 

Email: Matthew.Shaw@lhch.nhs.uk                                                      : 

James McShane – Senior Clinical Information Analyst

Email: James.McShane@lhch.nhs.uk  

Ian Whittle – Clinical Information Analyst and Audit Officer (for Thoracic Surgery)   

Email: Ian.Whittle@lhch.nhs.uk