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Making a Referral

When making an NHS referral please see the list below as to the clinics currently available.

All other referrals should be sent via fax or post and addressed to the relevant specialist team or consultant.


Arrhythmia Service (Dr J Wright)

Asbestos Lung (Dr Hind)

Knowsley CVD (Dr J Mills)

General Cardiology Services (Dr J Mills, Dr J Morris, Dr N Palmer, Dr R Perry)

Direct Access Echo (Dr R Perry)

General Respiratory Medicine (Prof Davies, Dr Hind and Dr Ledson)

General Thoracic Surgery (Mr R Page)

Heart Failure Diagnostic (Dr J Mills, Dr J Morris, Dr N Palmer, Dr R Perry)

Interstitial Lung (Dr E Hilal)

Sleep Studies (Dr Justine Hadcroft)

Community COPD Service Knowsley (Dr K Mohan)


NHS e-Referral System

Please see the following link for booking an appointment via the NHS e-Referral System

Appointment Booking 

Access Team

The main duties of the Access Team are:

  • Providing initial Outpatients Department Appointment Service to new and existing patients of the Trust via paper referrals, Choose and Book referrals and telephone requests (if appropriate).
  • Liaising with PAs in ensuring the efficient use of outpatient capacity by monitoring clinic schedules.  

Medical Secretary Team Contact Details

Telephone: 0151 600 1616