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Michelle Laing, Nominated Governor - Liverpool John Moores University

Date joined the Council of Governors

Michelle joined the LHCH Council of Governors in October 2012.


About Michelle

Michelle is proud to be a Governor of the Trust where she is able to contribute to decision making and influence education and care delivery at executive level as she cares passionately about healthcare quality and education.

Michelle has more recently developed her research skills through her Doctoral studies which are focused on strategy and policy development of the NHS and Social Care Act (2012) which she has successfully defended at her Viva. The research attempts to highlight the discourse strategies by which policy is increasingly recast as a Health and Social Care panacea to highlight some of the hidden interests and underpinnings of policy development. 

Michelle is a nurse, an experienced academic, and a researcher, her early clinical background was in in general surgical nursing and urology with a sometime being spent in ophthalmology too. She also has over 10 years’ experience as a manager and leader of NHS licence to practice programmes. This is in addition to a long and rich history of teaching excellence in Higher Education with particular expertise in management and leadership programmes.

Michelle has experience of working at executive, national and international levels within nursing, recently leading on policy developments and projects around carers support with the Department of Health and the Queens Nursing Institute, User Carer forums.


Michelle Laing